Friday, April 3, 2015

The Sun is out again

2015. It's only April but already it's been the most life changing year of my life.

Josh has been retired a year, Ellen has been home for a year... My life is stable, my marriage solid, my family whole.

I'm finally coming into my own.. Granted about 7 years later then it should have happens but regardless Im happy. Im finally making up for lost time, finally doing the things I wanted and experiencing the world in the ways I should have in my early 20s.

Josh knows I gave up everything when he was injured and it means the world to me that he fully supports me taking it all back.

I'm back in school, traveling again, have a job I adore... Everything I had when we got married, everything I had at 21 that I thought I had lost forever is back only this time we're not poor college students were adults able to do adult things, afford adult things.

The future is finally bright again... We finally have a future again not just a dark clouded life... I can finally see the sun again.