Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Maybe I over reacted... At first.

It started like any other fight. It was Oct 26th... I was looking forward to Halloween, to thanksgiving, to our first holiday together since Christmas of 2008...

Josh had promised me that he would have All holidays off that year... He swore it.. Then he called and his whole story changed... He was put on CQ because we were the only family without kids and "someone had to do it" I lost my shit. Looking back, I went a little over board with how upset I was but think about how you would feel?

My husband had just completed his second tour of Afghanistan and noone in this unit besides him have ever deployed and here they were putting HIM on cq just because we didn't have kids! How unfair is that?! I'd love to have children if they woulda stopped deploying him long enough we would have kids but while these guys were shamming it up at Ft Myer having back to back babies my husband was serving his country in a war zone!

So that's what started the fight... I wanted him off so we could spend thanksgiving with my family... By the time this story ends he was off on thanksgiving but we weren't with my family and our lives would never be the same...

That fight, a fight that I thought was just like any other wasn't for him... He went to work the next day and checked himself into a psych unit.. He claims now that he did it to hurt me thinking they would hold him for 24-72 hours and it would be just a little thing to scare me... (it worked) but it got super serious and way outta control VERY quickly...

The doctors were lying to us telling me one thing, him something else and playing us against each other it was sick...

They decided to transfer him to a 28 day program in PA called Roxbury I was against this from the moment I looked at their website it was for drug and alcohol treatment and Josh had neither of those issues!

The doctors wouldn't listen and as soon as they heard me say No they did the worst thing ever

I had medical POA at the time and they couldn't convince Josh to take it from me so they took it from me. They convinced his chain of command I was a danger to him and had an MPO put on me that overrode my medical POA it was the worst week of my life

To not know where he was and not be able to talk to him and not know if he was ok was terrifying and it only made him sicker he refused all treatments during that week at the new hospital he was transferred to

They wasted a week of his treatment for no reason

I was proud that he wouldn't talk to anyone til he talked to me...

We've spent almost a year trying to fix the damage those doctors and his unit did to him, me, and our marriage

They had no right to hurt us the way they did and I refuse to let them win.


  1. "...but while these guys were shamming it up at Ft Myer having back to back babies..."


    1. Haha what else would you call what the TOG does lol :)