Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Nothing good ever happens after 2am

I've been dying to make that a blog title for weeks haha it's one of my fave quotes from How I met your mother and FINALLY it's 2am and I'm calm and happy enough to use it YAY!

So I got back from the NY writing retreat last Monday and I haven't really had a lot to say... I had a lot of blog ideas but I just haven't been in the mood to write :/ not sure why I haven't been in a "bad" mood just blah-ish if that makes any sense at all

Some blogs I plan to write in the coming days/weeks are:

1. Who I am and what I've lost to his illness

2. What I miss about the "before" time

3. How I'm adjusting to the "new normal"

And I dunno I have a whole list written in my note book but I'm way too lazy to get up and find it hahaha

Things have been really good between Josh and I... No fighting at all and we're finally able to talk about serious issues that 6 months or a year ago had we sat down and tried to talk about we woulda ended up at each others throats... We talked about the future, our marriage and if kids are in the cards for us...

We decided to go ahead with the infertility testing I had to change the dates because the tests are set up around my cycle and last month it didn't work out :/ they're now tested for May 22nd well see! Fingers crossed that it all works out this time...

We also decided we don't want to go any further then the tests right now... We decided we just want to know if anything is wrong, if nothing is wrong then we can take our time and do the things we want to do before strapping ourselves down with kids...

Don't get me wrong I want a child but I also want to see Europe and take another wild spur of the moment Jamaica trip and I wanna finish my degree... So many things that having a kid will make very hard if not impossible...

Speaking of my degree Josh and I are going to sign up for classes as soon as I get back from FL next week PRETTY EXCITED!!!

Alrighty I'm gonna head to bed... Lots to do to get ready for the trip tomorrow... Night!!

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