Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A letter to my ex-husband's new girlfriend

To the new woman in his life...

I hated you at first. I hated you before I ever met you. I judged you by your hair and the fact that you were okay with dating a man who was still married. I hated that you were on coming into my home while I still lived there. I hated that you didn't have the balls to meet me. I found you to be class-less. I thought you were only with him for money and sex. I judged you and I complained about you and I hated you. I hated how he respected you in ways he never respected me, how he was protective of you like you were somehow worth more then I was. I hated how he treated you the way I always wished he would treat me. How he would talk about you the way I used to pray he'd talk about me.

I was wrong.

I finally met you the other day, after a year of Josh and I being separated and almost a year of you being together. I expected the worst. I expected you to be horrible. I told my fiance this was going to be awful. That you were a sex crazed money hungry bitch.

I was wrong. There I said it again, I. Was. Wrong.

You were kind. You were interested in his care, you were concerned with his well being. You listened to the nurse as she spoke about his needs and you asked questions. You had a plan in place for his care. He was thriving. The house was clean, he was bathed and properly clothed.

Then I saw you look at him and my fears all vanished.

You really love him. You aren't money hungry or a whore. You love him... and from the way you look at him you love him as much as I do. As much as I always will because we didn't divorce in bad blood, we didn't divorce due to lack of love we divorced because we grew apart... I still want the best for him and I can truly say you are what is best for him.

So thank you for loving him... thank you for letting me know I can fully walk away and know he'll be loved and cared for.

Thank you for being the person I prayed for for him. Thank you for giving me peace.

~His ex-wife

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