Friday, April 26, 2013

Greetings from my little purple space ship

So I'm back in NYC (YAY!) I was really seriously debating if I wanted to come back and all my thoughts kept going to if I don't ill never forgive myself so I did and boy am I glad!

I've had an exciting few days honestly... I'm sure many of you remember me talking about "Nikki" the woman who was my best friend... Well I called her the other night... Not having her in my life was making me sick and it was like nothing ever happened we just picked back up :) I don't know if well ever be that close again but I know I have my friend back and that's huge to me...

So far in NYC nothing too big has happened... I already took my sleep meds because I have to be up dressed and downstairs before 8am (um EW!!) they have really cool body wash here though one is called "get up" and the other is "get down" as you can guess one wakes you up and one puts you to sleep... The sleep one most def works! I'm hoping the wake up does too hehe well find out in the morning!

I walked around for a bit with some of my WWP girlfriends now I'm relaxing in my hotel room reading and waiting for Glenna to get here...

I'm not sure what I wanna work on tomorrow... Part of me wants to work on the book but another part of me wants to work on something totally outside of his illness just something creative :/

I dunno...

Ill be updating tomorrow as I go though so you'll know as soon as I do!

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