Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Butterfly effect

So I'm watching this lifetime movie about a teenage girl who's dating this total ass but is convinced she loves him just like all teens are... Totally blind to what is really going on convinced they are in love blah blah blah and I started thinking about what I was like as a teen... About the choices I made and the men I dated and the risks I took...

My whole life could be different right now had simple little things been different... I wonder how I ended up on the path I did... I'm glad I did because I adore my husband and love my life but I wonder how... I was far from the best at making logical choices in HS haha I acted on impulse, I thought with my heart not my head...

I hope one day when I have a daughter I can tell her about what I went though and keep her from having to go though the same heartaches... There is no pain quite like a broken heart and no love quite like your first... But I learned one very important thing all the heartache and tears were just preparing me to find Josh... I mean it has to rain for their to be a rainbow right?

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