Monday, December 10, 2012

Criminal minds

Lets be clear up front: Criminal Minds is *not* bed time TV for paranoid ladies who live in NoVa lol

I just went around the house and made sure every window is closed set the alarm and locked the dog in the room with me (Josh is sleeping in our room and I chose to go in the spare room because I'm sick and coughing and snoring so rather then keep us both us I'm in the other room)

And yet my dumb ass can't just turn off the show grrr

Sometimes I wish I could just turn off the paranoia...

The big thing going on for us right now is the MEB is about to go to the PEB... I'm in the process of writing a letter to the PEB explaining how Josh's Injury has effected our lives :/

After the paperwork goes to the PEB we have about 90 days left in the Army which seems so unreal...

I really wonder what our life is gonna be like... I'm most scared of our mortgage... I hope and pray we get enough of a rating to make it til the post 911 GI bill bah kicks in

Ok I'm off to bed for tonight ill write more tomorrow :)

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