Saturday, December 15, 2012


I always wanted a sister ever since I was a little girl but sadly I have 2 younger brothers and ended up marrying an only child so all hope for a sister was lost... Or so I thought.

When I got married I had no idea about friendship, I had no idea how strong of a bond could be formed and how quickly it could happen.

When Josh deployed, I learned what true friendship was... I don't care what anyone says the women you go though deployment with are the best friends you will ever have

Those are the women who hugged me while I watched Josh board a plane... Who held my hand as I walked out of the airport not sure if I'd ever see him again, who's lap I laid on while waiting for a call when he was medivaced to BAF, who's shoulder I cried on, who I called in the middle of the night just to hear someone tell me everything would be ok...

And all those things they did for me I e done for them... For all the things I say bad about the army this is one thing I can thank them for... Thank you for giving me the best friends a girl could ever ask for... The it's never to late I'm on my way don't worry your never alone kinda friendships

I always wanted a sister... and thats when I realized I had one.

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