Friday, December 7, 2012

Disney Trip (Written On the plane there)

Disney 2012-Take 2

So as many of you know by now I’m kind of a Disney addict! No, that’s an understatement hehe I would live on Main St USA if given the option! As I write this I am sitting on a Southwest flight headed straight for the happiest place on earth and its taking everything I have to control myself excitement!

The plan for this trip is as follows:

Land in Orlando International Airport at 6pm, pick up rental car, drive to hotel

We plan to lay low tonight, relax at the resort maybe go to dinner at the Orlando Ale House (A fave restaurant of mine) but more then likely we’re gonna end up ordering pizza and chilling in the hot tub I’d also like to get a few chapters of Life After Homecoming the book written I find it easier to write when I’m at a hotel, Esp when I’m at a hotel alone so I may send Josh out for a while to go explore the city or head over to Downtown Disney’s Disney Quest attraction which I know he’s a big fan of

Tomorrow morning at 10:30 we have to go pick up tickets to the concert and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party from my cousin who was awesome and bought them ahead of time for me :D

Then then its back to the hotel to lay in the sun by the pool til our dinner reservation at 4:30pm at Downtown Disney (We’re eating at Raglon Roads the Irish pub over there tomorrow night)

The Rise Against concert is from 7-who knows when

On Sat morning we’re going to get up bright and early and head over to Epcot (Hopefully around 9:30am-ish) spend the day there then head over to Hollywood Studios at night to see the Osborne Family Lights

On Sunday we are debating going to Sea World in the morning but we’ll see how it all pans out then at night we’re headed to The Magic Kingdom for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party from 7-midnight

Monday morning we fly back home in the morning (Boo!!)

It should be an eventful and exciting weekend!

I’m already starting to plan my next trip to Disney! (I try to get there about every 6 months or so thank GOD for the Military Discount they offer it makes the trip so much more affordable!!!)

The next time I go I am bringing a bunch of girlfriends with me which should be loads of fun! Right now I’m in the very beginning stages of planning that trip trying to pick if Shades of Green, one of the All Star resorts, a Fort Wilderness Lodge or an off property hotel is our best bet…

When I get to Orlando tonight I’m going to create a group for the ladies who are going on the trip so we can start planning and get the ball rolling I wanna get the reservations early so we get the resort we want, the room we want at the price we want!

The next time Josh and I are planning to go is in November of 2013 I know that already We’re gonna head down for the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot which just so happens to fall on my birthday! Works out perfect!! I’m gonna start booking that as soon as I get home as well for the same reason. I’m really not sure which way I wanna go for us on the next trip I’m gonna talk to Josh about it when he finishes watching the show he has on his ipod…

Thoughout this trip I’ll be updating with pictures, tips, ideas and little hints :D Any questions feel free to ask I know Disney upside down and inside out!

Ok time for me to turn off the laptop I’m starting to get a headache hehehe Talk soon!!!

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