Monday, March 25, 2013

My furbabies :)

Guinness and Jameson are getting along great! They're really becoming sister and brother :) Today we took them both to the vet Guinness had to get her staples out and Jameson had to have a well-kitten appt... I was expecting to be in and out real fast but wow poor kitten is DEFF not well ;(

He had ear mites and they had to give him a shot (they weren't sure if he had had a distemper shot so they gave him another to be sure) and then the vet said she thought he has Luxating Patella which is a problem with his knee and she wants to do surgery WHAT?! He has no issues at all I dunno If I wanna put him under if I don't have to ya know? I'm gonna make a second opinion appt tomorrow and see what a diff vet says :/

This weekend was great we took Guinness down to Bass Pro Shop and Sonic on Sat for a little "Guinness Day out" hehe she had an awesome time and so did we :)

Here are some pictures of my babies from the past week :)

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