Friday, March 15, 2013


So it's 3:40am I'm sitting up watching reruns of "Strong Medicine" it's a show that was on Lifetime in the early 2000s that I used to watch with my mom, I ordered season 1 off amazon about a week ago and then tried to order season 2 and found it isn't on DVD BUT I got lucky! All 6 seasons are on YouTube so I'm enjoying a trip down memory lane :)

It's amazing what 25mg of adderll can do to a girl! Normally if I'm up at 3:45am I'm tweaking out, paranoid, thinking about everything that could go wrong but instead I'm laying here smiling and thinking about how blessed I am

My husband is amazing... Even though he's sick he works so hard to keep it under control

He said this weekend he's going to work on a quilt with me because I've been trying to find interest in things he likes :)

I feel like a HS freak giggling about a crush haha

That's one thing I don't like about my meds I feel like I can't write as well I can't use words like I'd like I have zero memory :/

SHIT speaking of zero memory I have to go to the dr at 11am! Guess I gotta get to bed! More later!!

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