Friday, March 22, 2013

Should I change?

So I think it's pretty common knowledge I'm a psych major... Have my AS working on my BS I'm just a few credits short of it but I don't think I want it anymore...

It doesn't draw me in like it used to... Where I used to happily go to every class, reading all the way though the book on the first day of class loving the idea of how far the human mind can stretch... Lets sum it up crazy people excite me haha I can't help it! I wanna understand what makes someone snap, what makes people see things and hear things... Or at least I used to

I hate it now... I can't watch movies about mental illness anymore, psych hospital films upset me, books about the mentally ill put me into a border line panic attack... How can I keep this major if I can't even control my own reaction to reading it??

I mean part of me wants to stay in it so I can become a psychologist and help other families who are in the same position we are/were in but what if I end up doing this to another family? What if I end up hurting another family as we were hurt? What if I jump to conclusions and ruin someone's life? There's no going back once the call has been made there's no backtracking no take backs no do overs once your in the system your in it for life and noone can get you out

So what should I do? Stay or change?

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  1. Also being close to reaching my BA in PSY I find myself repelled by clinical, sometimes for the same reasons you're saying (it can be mentally draining); I also find myself struggling to complete my degree (I hate it now). But if you are close to the end don't give it up. You can use a PSY degree for more then just helping those with mental illness (clinical settings), but for things such as job training (ecological PSY) and behavior therapy, even animal training (behaviorism), or neuroscience (biopsychology), or even marketing or something in the human resources department (having a psy degree shows youre a real people person!).
    Personally I just want to finish what I start and see if this little peice of paper will get me a little farther. I think we both already have the expereince... haha. Stay strong and use your emotions and empathy as a crutch, not a weight. You're doing just fine!