Thursday, January 24, 2013

I can't pretend anymore

I used to donate to all military charities support those who give so much to us right? I was ESP big on charities for wounded soldiers... But I don't anymore.

I've seen too much, I've been around this group too long.

The same people take from everyone and expect everything. I know a girl who's husband is "wounded" (10% here, 20% there added up to 100%) and she went on 25 retreats in 2012 plus was given a mortgage free home WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK?!

Who needs 25 retreats?! What about everyone else? How can you think you deserve that? How can you keep taking when it means others get nothing?

I refuse to donate when I know my money is gonna go to people like that people who are abusing every system known to man across the board

I'm honestly tempted to call and ask if they're aware things like this are going on

I dunno I'm too tired to make this rant make sense ill add more later

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