Monday, January 21, 2013

I want my life back

I feel like the louder I talk the less people hear me... I just want answers! I wanna know why noone will help him why these other people get life handed to them get help handed to them

We don't want free money, free healthcare, a free house, free anything we just want HELP

We just want someone to hear us someone to help Josh heal someone to give him proper medical treatment

Josh has been serving our country for almost 8 years, 2 COMBAT tours of Afghanistan totaling 28 months in an active war zone and he can't even get a fucking therapy appt!

But people who served in Iraq when it was no longer a war zone have 100% VA with full retirement, people who never served a day in war have 90%, people who failed out of basic have 100% and get handed things my husband earned but can't have...

Josh would do anything to have his job back, have his life back and if they would give him the proper medical treatment he COULD but they're too busy giving what we so desperately need to fakers and liars and robbers

People who want nothing but money from the gov they don't have to work for

People who just want to take take take...

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