Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Belvoir records

Incase I haven't been clear about this, I hate Ft Belvoir. I won't go to their hospital to get blood drawn let alone for any legit medical treatment because of what happened in 2011... I have no respect for them, no respect for the post, the doctors, none of them. Fuck Ft Belvoir!

But back to the records... Today for the first time in about a year I sat down with them and tried to read them. "The Belvoir Records" are Josh's psych records... And they are 300 pages of utter and complete bullshit

They make me out to be a monster, make Josh out to be an anti social ass (well they got that part right) and most of it is totally wrong...

In one part he's talking about Sgt Harris' death and after the Dr writes it all the dumbass writes "Stressor: Marriage" wtf? The stressor couldn't be the fact that he watched his SGT die in front of him nah that has nothing to do with his issues... It's deff all me lol

His records make me question my marriage as much as I hate to admit that... Is that who we really are? Is that what he really thinks of me?

How can I tell what is the PTSD and what is him? I wish I could read his mind and know what he really thinks...

After reading them I talked to him for a while about what really happened that day and in the weeks of his hospitalization and Got a lot of good insight... Ill write about that later tonight while he's sleeping

Right now I'm just really overwhelmed from reading all that and trying to remember to work on the story and talking to Josh...

I'm gonna lay down and catch up on Greys ill write more later :)

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