Monday, January 28, 2013

Reason 53704

So Josh has been doing fantastic... Everything was going well and I thought he was making a lot of improvements and then this weekend happened...

He was kinda funky on Friday and then on Sat he was down right nasty so I asked him what was wrong and he broke down and told me

Sooo it turns out he ran out of meds and has been trying to get a dr appt for weeks but his dr has no appts and Won't call in his meds WTF?!

Are you KIDDING me?!?!? How can they let him runs out of meds!!!

It's like they are handing me reasons to *hate* ft Myer more then I already do!

They're setting him up for failure and its not cute! Maybe if they stopped babying all these people and wasting appts on fakers or hired more then 1 shrink for the whole god damn post we wouldn't have this issue!!!

How can you let a soldier who has SEVERE PTSD and was hospitalized for attempted suicide run out of his anti depressants and anti psychotics?! All other issues aside he's gonna go into withdrawal and get physically ill

I hate the army

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