Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Change of plans :D

Plans change daily around here HAHA Josh and I sat down and really talked about the Disney trip today and we agreed its outta control $2000 before plane tickets (Which were another $450) to go to a park and do the things we JUST did less then 6 months ago and a year before that...Thats a LOT of money to do stuff we've already done and some damn lights haahha

SO I went on Southwest,com and changed our tickets!!

We are now flying into Las Vegas, staying for 5 days and in that time visiting his grandparents (they live very close to the strip) and driving out to Fort Irwin to visit some good friends :D Then we're flying to San Jose CA to go to the Winchester Mystery House and drive around Cali for 5 days! I'm so excited!! Winchester Mystery House is on my bucket list! I'm honestly more excited about this then Disney!

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