Sunday, October 14, 2012

Small pieces

Today I saw a small piece of Josh return a part of him I love a part of him I've missed so much... his spontaneous nature :D

He came into the bedroom this morning all excited, more animated then I've seen him in a long time holding his iphone waving it in my face. Once I got him to hold still long enough for me to focus on the screen I realized it was ticketmaster and that Josh's favorite band, Rise Against, is playing at the House of Blues in Orlando Fl at Downtown Disney.

Thats when he said it he said "Lets go! We haven't done the Random 2012 yet LETS GO!" so I quickly agreed and started looking for plane tickets then he kept talking and what he said made me so happy I cried he said "baby, we're not just going to the concert I wanna take you to see the Lights at Disney make this a full Disney trip I know I can't fix your memories of last year but I hope with this I can help you build new ones to replace those"

How sweet is that!?

Really does love me :D

So there you have it friends We're going back to Disney! I've been googling the magic kingdom lights and I'm just is awe I can't wait to see this in person its going to be the perfect start to Holiday Season <3

So far I have set up the hotel, We'll be staying at the All Star Music resort on Disney property,  plane tickets, park tickets and food :D We chose to go with Disney's meal plan on this trip, we've never done that before but theres a first time for everything! I'll keep you posted on how it goes but I booked for 5 big sit down dinner: I picked MGM's 50s Cafe for night 1,Regoan Road at DownTown Disney for day 2,  Morocco  in Epcot for night 3, Germany in Epcot for night 4, and England at Epcot for day 5 but I think some of that is going to need to chance due to park times :D

The concert is on day 2 of our little trip :D

So there you have it my excitement for the day! This is the perfect Birthday/Christmas/Anni gift for us :D Its something for each of us I get my lights and rides, Josh gets his concert and food and we both get to take back our holiday season, rebuild this time of year in our lives and work on being 1 step closer to closure and healing and form some amazing new memories!

Now everyone please join me while I pray that his leave gets approved after I just spent $1500 on this trip HAHA!


  1. Wow how amazing! i hope his leave gets approved!!!

    1. Thanks Heidi! He just spoke to his SGT and they said to hand in the leave form on the 28th and that he doesn't see any reason why it wouldn't get approved because its between holidays and we chose to not take Christmas leave (we're only going to Jersey so a 4 day is fine we decided to leave the real leave to people traveling further)