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Writing retreat day 2 part 2

Day 2 part 2

The Writers Market~~Book about how to publish a book

Exercise #2 you’re going out for errands, Describe Sightsmell sound touch taste

I was walking away from the hospital it was like 1000lb hadbeen lifted off me He was safe and alive and he loved me and nothing bad wasgoing to happen. I slid into the truck, the seats were freezing against myexposed arms what was I thinking wearing a short sleeve shirt this time of yearand I quickly pulled the door shut and put the key into the ignition it waslike I couldn’t get the heat on fast enough. I put my head back against therest and took a few deep breathes so relieved that I was able to see him,smiling to myself as I looked down at the paper in my hand. It was withoutquestion the oddest birthday card I had ever received saying simply “Happy 24thBirthday!! I love you more then the Army! Please go to Walmart and get me thefollowing” What a very “Josh” note I love you I need Get me. Even on mybirthday after all I had been though somehow It still goes back to him. Onlychild syndrome never goes away and just gets worse with age I guess! Finallythe car was warmed up enough that I could leave and I flipped on the GPSsearching for the nearest walmart in and was shocked to find that there was one1.1 miles away I looked around and couldn’t fathom where a walmart would justsprout up in the middle of the forest that surrounded the parking lot I wassitting in, but then again who would expect a psychiatric hospital to be there?The sound of TomTom yelling at me blared loud though the speakers and I jumped,startled by how the sound broke the silence. As I drove the steering wheelburned my hands it was so cold it felt like I was being stabbed and I cursedmyself for forgetting my gloves in Jersey. I could still taste the cupcake hisnurse had given me. He told her that I would be visiting on my birthday and hefelt bad he couldn’t go out to get me a cake or gift so she brought me acupcake and broke all the rules by allowing a lit candle on the ward. I wasglad he was at the hospital he was at they were helping him and I felt  sure that they would take care of him. Forthe first time in a long time it didn’t kill me to drive away from him I knewhe was safe. I got to walmart and started to wander around I had a few hours tokill before bed and his list wasn’t that long, I ended up picking him up a fewother nick nakes and some snacks I knew he would love but had forgotten to listand again was hit with the irony that here I was shopping for gifts for him onmy birthday! The store had just put out its Christmas displays and I was overcome by the smells of Christmas…. Gingerbread, sugar cookie, pine trees… and ittook everything I had not to cry… The Christmas before I had been alone, he wasin Afghanistan and this Christmas he was in a Psych ward… Fan Freakin’ Tasic… Iquickly wiped away my tears and grabbed a small pre lit tree and smiled as Irealized regardless of where we were it would still be better than last yearbecause we’d be together. Far from perfect, Far from Normal, But mostdefinitely Better.

I’m getting annoyed again everything is going back to kidsand the same woman who they were paying all the attention to yesterday… Shealways seems to get the most time and its really annoying she just talks aboutthe same thing over and over and over 45 mins and we leave for dinner then Ibelieve we have free time… I wonder what dinner is going to be tonight lastnight it was amazing we went to Southern Hospitality

Assignment #3
Subject: New Mother
Setting: Wedding
Time: After a flight
Challenge: Something embarrassing has just happened
Jenna walked into the reception with red circles around hereyes it was clear she had been crying and beneath the red was black. She hadn’tslept in days and now she was fighting with her husband because he wouldn’ttake the baby long enough for her to get dressed.  The result was spit up all over the front ofher dress, it took her an extra 30 mins to clean up the mess and get out thedoor to the wedding now he was standing next to her but honestly she wanted himnowhere near her. As she walked in she noticed people were staring at her andshe couldn’t figure out why she looked in the mirror and she looked ok… Didn’tshe? Finally her sister walked up to her and said “Um did you look down beforeyou left the house” and Jenna replied “no why? Should I have?” “Um yeah” hersister said looking at her like she was nuts “Unless you planned to wear acocktail dress with fuzzy blue slippers! Jenna stood in shock and couldn’tbelieve what she had done in her sleep deprived state. Her husband came overlooking to redeem himself and offered to run down the street and get her a pairof flip flops it worked.

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