Sunday, October 7, 2012

New beginnings

I haven't written in a few days :/ nothing exciting has happened and I haven't felt that hot... Just a nice quiet weekend in bed with my love :)

We were supposed to go to Williamsburg this weekend to visit one of my good friends but Josh felt like crap on Friday and Sat and asked me if we could cancel so of course I said yes...

One exciting thing did happen this week though... I got back in touch with a woman who 4 years ago was my best friend... My sister... The girl I could tell anything to... She signed my marriage license as our witness... And we got into a huge fight that here I am 3 years later and I can't for the life of me tell you what the fight was about I have no idea at all... And it breaks my heart that we lost 3 years over a fight that was clearly so petty that I can't remember what it was about!

I think everyone has a friend like that... Someone who at one point was their best friend and now they're just a person they used to know... I have one other friend like that... I tried to fix things with her right after Josh got sick last year and it just didn't work... I thought we had worked though everything and she told me to call her the next day and I tried to and she never answered her phone and never called back... She was the maid of honor at the I do Take 2 wedding... She was my best friend and I'm never gonna see her again...

I'm glad that I'm making up with Kristen it feels good and it's almost like we are just picking up where we left off...

New beginnings are a great thing

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