Friday, October 19, 2012


I feel like I'm going to explode emotionally its just too much... I feel like some of these ladies are super nice and super supportive and want to learn but others just seem to want free stuff and a free vacation and more money from the VA...

I miss Josh and being away from him this time of year is so hard I wanna write so much and I wanna tell you everything I'm feeling but its like its too much Its too much to process too much to think too much to express any of this...

I feel like my chest is full and I just wanna curl up and cry

I'm gonna hop in the shower and then go to sleep so I'm ready in 12 hours to get up and spend all day writing...

I'll be sure to post what I write and pictures tomorrow :D

The hotel is amazing it looks like a space ship I can't even explain how cool it is!!

But ok its time for me to get in the shower more tomorrow NIGHT!

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