Friday, February 1, 2013

Fight friend

You know the kinda friend I'm talking about the one you call when your pissed who feeds into your most god awful ideas who just makes you even madder then you were before

I had a friend like that... Lets call her Nikki lol

Nikki was one of my best friends I told her everything I talked to her 24/7 when we weren't on the phone we were together she was quickly becoming one of those friends who are family

But she had this bad habit of making Josh and I fight like cats and dogs she would spin me up when Josh was at work just to watch me go nuts when he got home

This was after the hospital and Josh kept telling me I needed to drop her as a friend or we were gonna end up as bad as we were before the hospital

I didn't wanna give her up I loved her like a sister she was there for me when Josh was being a nut when everyone else said I was crazy she stood up for me

Then something really bad happened at Ft Myer (I don't wanna get into it here for OPSEC reasons) and I was forced to call IG to fix the issue (it was fixed in like 5 mins flat) but Nikki thought I did something else and instead of hearing me out she told me she hated me and that we were no longer friends

It broke my heart... That was in Aug and now it's Feb and I miss every so much I know Josh and I are 100 times better with her gone but not a day goes by that I don't miss that friendship

I've thought about calling her but I'm scared of what she would say...

It's sad when someone who was once your best friend is now just someone you used to know...

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  1. You have tons of people who love and care about you. I know you miss her, but if she were truely (like family) there for you then you wouldn't have had to write this blog. She would still be part of life. Also you have enough crazy going on without someone helping it along. lol Plus I think I got a phone call about this one. :)