Monday, February 4, 2013

In air

So I'm sitting on the first plane, about an hour from St Louis where I have a 3 hour layover (ummm fuck!!) this flight went pretty quick I took sleep meds and motion sickness meds as soon as I got on and just woke up

I stayed up really late the last few nights to try and get myself onto WA time so I am not as jetlagged when I get there so I was pretty tired and ready for a nap when I got to the airport

Josh had told me to take the sleep meds when I got on the 2nd flight (the one into SeaTac) but I decided against it because I'm renting a car when I get there and I don't wanna risk being tired

I'm really excited about the next few days with my friends I miss them so much but I keep reminding myself it's not going to be what I remember people change, bases change, and most of all people pcs

In my memory all the people I love are still there but in reality they're not...

I have made Fort Lewis into this almost fantasy place in my head where my heart lives where everyone I love is where I learned about who I am, found love and true friendships I've built it up so much in my head since we moved that I'm almost scared that going back is going to ruin my memories

I will always love that little house in Evergreen that I had, 2 blocks from Roxie, about a mile from Lori, at the bottom of the hill from Alicia...

But they're not there anymore and neither am I... New families have moved into those homes and I hope they love them as much as I did...

I remember Josh waking me up early in the morning with a call from Afghanistan and I would be too happy to fall back to sleep so I would go to the Donut shop on Bridgeport Ave and get breakfast for Alicia and I then go eat with her... Sitting at her breakfast bar while she baked... Laughing and sharing our joy and our fears...

I remember Josh being on Mids or CQ or in the early days of the deployment or hell any random Tues! Lori would call and say she's picking me up an We'd go to EQ in Tacoma... Lori is my best friend the closest thing to a sister I could ever ask for she is my true other half and an amazing woman... When Josh left for K9 school, leaving me alone in WA for the first time I called Lori and asked her if she wanted to do something... She said no she was busy and hung up quickly the next thing I knew there was a knock at the door she was already there with wine and Ben and Jerry's... That was the night she became my best friend... We had a sleep over at her house that night drinking wine Til we passed out laughing Til the sun came up

I remember having an awful day everything going wrong and knowing I could run to Roxie... Her back door was always open and her freezer was always stocked with tequila... I spent many days and nights with her drinking margaritas and laughing she was my friend true friend I've known her longer then I've known Josh the fact that I happened to marry a soldier who was stationed at Ft Lewis was fate saying she was meant to be in my life :)

But now Alicia is in OR and Lori is in WI... I'm staying with Roxie when I get to WA but she's no longer in the big house in Discovery Village...

Plane is landing, time to turn off the phone hehe :)

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