Sunday, February 3, 2013

Kick in the teeth

So I was watching this special on Netflix and found out that there are over 7,000 active duty service members who are HIV positive ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!

After watching this I started goggling and found that its true! If a soldier (or whatever branch) tests positive, they are not kicked out just moved to a non-deployable job/duty station and noone is allowed to know except the persons dr and CO because it falls under the ADA...

My question is: why the FUCK would they be willing to do this for someone with an illness that they CAUSES THEMSELVES but won't do this for my husband who is a combat wounded soldier?! Why can they just be put as non deployable but Josh can't? Josh isn't a serious health risk to everyone around him he is a decorated combat vet but is treated like shit

Why is that under ADA but PTSD isn't?! Why is it ok for everyone to know about Josh? For NCOs to go around talking about his health issues and treatment options? Why the fuck should someone with HIV have privacy but Josh shouldn't?

I'm really sick of the fucking bullshit the military pulls and this is like the last straw for me... By allowing these fucks to stay active duty they are putting so many people at risk everyday!

I'm like REALLY pissed about this! But on the bright side, I'm not freakin out about the flight anymore HAHAHAHA

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