Sunday, February 17, 2013

It could be worse.

Lately I can't help but get pissed when people complain about things... "OMG this sucks my husband has to go to the field" "fuck the army! CQ again?!" "My kids miss my husband"

It could be worse. I could be so much worse. Why don't you shut your complaining mouth and be thankful for what you have?!

Be thankful your husband is stationed at Ft Myer the most shamtastic post in the whole effing country. Be thankful he's never deployed, and never will as long as your stationed at Myer. Be thankful the worst thing to happen to you is he was a few hours late coming home from work! Be thankful your kids are healthy, your husband is healthy, your healthy. Be thankful your family is safe and you don't have to live in fear of soldiers showing up on your front porch to tell you your husband is dead, be thankful you don't have to fear every time the phone rings that its the Army calling to say your husband is injured. Be thankful you don't spend your nights watching your child praying he or she makes it though the night. Be thankful that you don't spend your days walking on eggshells praying that nothing happens to set your husband off, to send him into an uncontrollable panic, to push him to the point he attempts to kill himself (again.)

It can always be worse. If there's one thing I've learned from my friends, from the life I'm living. It can ALWAYS be worse.

I have friends who have seen how bad it can get... Josh has severe PTSD, I got the phone call from BAF that he was injured... Someone has it worse... Marissa, a good friend of Josh and my's lost her legs in Iraq during OIF she spent months in Walter Reed recovering... Someone has it worse. Alicia's baby daughter died in December... She was a year old, the most beautiful child you could ever imagine... After she got sick I remember Alicia sending me pictures of her and all I could think or say back was "OMG she looks like an angel" she did... She looked how I always imagined an angel would look like... So beautiful, so peaceful, angelic... Someone still has it worse... My friend Melanie's husband was killed in action in Iraq in 2007. He left behind a young son and a heartbroken wife... But still I bet someone has it worse...

I always try to think of these ladies, the 3 strongest women I know, when I get to my wits end with Josh... I think of them and remind myself how truly lucky I am... Josh is home, he's alive, he's physically whole...

I try my hardest to not complain and I try to remind others not to complain because it can be so much worse... You have no idea how much worse...

So please the next time your thinking about bitching about something like CQ or Mids or the field or that your kids won't go to sleep stop for a moment and think of Marissa, Alicia, and Melanie. Think of them and know they never complain about what they are going though they hold their heads up and put one foot in front of the other and push though. If they can do it, so can you!

Remember, it can ALWAYS be worse...

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  1. I always hate when people would complain about that. After John had deployed it bothered me so bad like my husband is in a damn war zone so shut your damn trip. It sucks but at least your love one is safe.

    I really hope Alicia and Daniel are doing okay. When i told John he was sad for them. Him and Daniel we close when they were deployed.