Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Frozen toes

So I'm on the second flight about a hour from Seattle... Out the window is pitch blackness and its really cold in here

Thank God I listened to Josh and wore shoes instead of flip flops my feet are freezing

So I watched Greys and this new show called 1600 Penn (it sucked don't waste your time haah) a show from the 90s called Salute Your Shorts and then put on American Horror Story: Asylum

I used to love shows and movies about psych wards... Crazy people fascinate me... I like to hear their stories, hear what they believe how they justify their actions... The ways the human mind can go wrong used to intrigue me but not anymore it bothered me deeply it's not enjoyable anymore

I look at these people and see myself and Josh I see our story I see how badly life can get out of control it's scary... I see how someone from the outside can pass a judgement and then suddenly that becomes the truth because they said so

They judge and pass judgements about a 3 hour movie after seeing 5 minutes of it they have no idea of the back story of what brought the story to the present of what happened to cause such effects

All the people at Belvoir saw was me trying to protect Josh they didn't see the years of pain they didn't see the lies or the hiding they didn't see the fear they had no idea what he had done to bring us to the point we were at

I used to love crazy people... Not anymore... Not since I became one of them...

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