Sunday, February 17, 2013

Filter OFF!

So I'm sitting at the movies, alone, (I love going to movies alone and Josh hates scary movies so it works out great haah!) I'm waiting for MaMa to start but have 20 mins so I figured I'd write a bit about something that's really been bothering me lately...

It's NOT always PTSD! Not everyone who goes to war gets PTSD, no everyone who has nightmares has PTSD, not every soldier who comes home a little different has PTSD. If a dr has not diagnosed it then the person doesn't have it! Your NOT a dr!

Not every child who doesn't listen has "something medically wrong" with it... Some parents just don't parents, some kids are just bad! I find it shockingly hard to believe that as many kids "have problems" as parents claim it's like add of autism is like the new way to excuse your child's horrible behavior in public...

Not everyone has something wrong with them some people are just assholes some kids just don't listen some parents suck some men are faking to take advantage of the system some women just want to have a excuse to why her kid is screaming like monster in public

Here's something I have never told anyone I was diagnosed with Asburgers syndrome when I was 15. From 2nd grade on my mom took me to doctors searching for a "reason" for my behavior and every doctor has his or her own reason... Add, ADHD, odd, OCD, bi-polar, depression nos, mood disorder nos you name if I was diagnosed with it the final diagnosis being Asburgers when I was 15.

I have a lot of the symptoms but I don't fit into the "box" totally persay but as someone who has the diagnosis I can tell you it's no excuse for being an as in public!

My parents never let me run wild, they never let me scream and cry and melt down in public... If I had an "issue" they took me out of the store or where ever we were in seconds flat and either got me under control then went back or took me home because its noone else's problem that your kid is an ass!

My parents didn't expect special treatment or pity because I was a demon child HELL NO! They didn't let me get away with shit because I was "special" they forced me to become a functioning member of society! They didn't make excuses for me or try to play the EFMP card... My dad didn't stay home from work to "control" me my mom just handled it!

I was a VERY hard child ill be the first to admit that I was emotional, loud, pissy, and could be set off if you looked at me funny (after Josh got sick I went back emotionally to that age and behavior and Josh shut it down right fast!) my parents knew how to keep me in line and they did it... If you can't control your child KEEP THEM HOME noone else wants to hear your brat screaming I don't give a shit what you "say" is "wrong" with them it's no excuse! If I can control myself, if my parents can control me, then they can control themselves and their parents can control them!

I'm just so sick of hearing people talk about how their kids have problems... If your kids are all fucked up, STOP HAVING KIDS! If you can't keep your kids in control: KEEP THEM HOME!

Ok I'm done ranting my movie is gonna start I will write more about my medical issues later

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