Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hello Seattle <3

I'm so happy here.

As soon as I landed it all came back to me and I remembered why I love it here...

I rented a car and drove down I5 and it was like I never left everything was how I remembered it and I didn't even need the GPS hehe

I stopped to pick up dinner at the Tacoma mall before heading to Roxie's house on post...

I feel like Josh is deployed again its weird to be here without him but that feeling reminds me of how strong I was, how I lived without him for 15 months twice so there's no reason why I shouldn't be able to enjoy this week

Today Josh was in a meeting a work for almost the whole day and didn't answer his phone Til about 5:30 his time and I didn't stress at all it was really like I was back in deployment mode like I knew he was fine and he would call when he could I like feeling like this I like being carefree and just spending time with the ladies I love most

My friends make me stronger, this base makes me stronger, this city makes me stronger

I don't feel the overwhelming panic here that I feel in VA... I told Josh and he jokingly got pissed and was all "fuck you I'm gonna give you shit for the rest of your life about us moving"

He has a point... It was my choice...

I didn't just ask to move, I demanded it.

I chose to move, I chose the easy coast, I chose VA, I chose Ft Myer and I think that's one thing I am thankful for I can't blame anyone else for this but myself... I did it all thinking it was in our best interest but I was so wrong...

I missed my family, I missed being with Josh, I missed the sun and I let those emotions cloud how much I loved it here how much I loved the people here... They became my family... They will always be my family

I love the friendships I have here the kind where you can go years without seeing someone and its like no time has passed at all... When I got to Roxie's last night I walked in and jumped in her bed to watch TV just like I used to like it was any other day... I don't feel like a guest here I feel like I belong and it's a great feeling.

I remember when I first landed in WA back in 2008 I had never been here before but as soon as my feet touched the ground I knew I belonged here I knew this was meant to be my home...

Josh was saying if I really miss it that much he can look into schools here, we can sell our house with the money from the lawsuit and buy something out here (maybe in DuPont or Graham) I'm not sure if I wanna go that far yet... Because sooner or later Roxie and Susan are going to move (both their husbands are getting out this year and neither plan to stay in the area)

It's something to think about ya know? It's an option where I didn't think we had any before

My head feels clearer then it has it a long time and the longer I'm here the more I'm feeling like my old self

I'm so glad Josh pushed me to do this, pushed me to step outside my comfort zone and take this trip... He seriously may have saved my sanity...

It's sooooo good to be home

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  1. Compare to Knox it sure doesn't have the friendly at home feel like Lewis did. I'd love to go back to visit.