Friday, February 1, 2013

Poplar Springs

Before I go any further into this point I want to start by saying this was OUR experience, and like everything else it could be very different for someone else but for us Poplar Springs was a God Sent

When I got there they hugged me, welcomed me with open arms, offered me dinner as soon as I got there and brought me coffee while dinner cooked

The facility itself was beautiful it felt more like we were at a YMCA camp then in a psych ward... Well besides the 2 giant alarmed doors that locked behind you hehe

There were 3 TV areas one was really cool and set up like a movie theater, a beautiful patio and a nice walking trail... Josh and I spent many hours talking and talking and even more cuddles up watching movies

The staff was fantastic, the other patients were all active duty military and they were so kind and helpful all of them truly wanting to heal, all combat wounded like Josh... I heard stories there that were heartbreaking and the fact that they trusted me enough to share their pain with me meant the world

I would offer to leave when they'd start talking and they would say no stay your one of us now too

Josh and I pulled our marriage back from the brink of disaster within those walls

The more days he was on his meds the more and more I could see him coming back to me until finally I went one day and without question it was josh I was talking to the man I love the man I would die for I was so happy I cried and brought the nurses cupcakes to thank them for giving me my husband back

I mean how do you thank someone for something like that? How do you thank someone for saving your marriage, for saving your husbands life?

If anyone can think up a way please let me know because those nurses deserve it!!!

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