Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I Do... Take 2

Someone ask me about our "big" wedding so I figured if I was gonna type up the whole story I might as well make a blog outta it :D Here it goes:

We got married for real on December 29,2008 It was perfect and looking back I wish I wouldn't have had a big wedding I wish we woulda just kept this as our wedding... Only close friends were there and there was no drama... Just love :D and I looked *HOT*

That was our first wedding... thats the wedding we celebrate... but our "Big Wedding" the take 2 wedding was a nightmare... Everything that coulda gone wrong, went wrong.

I wanted a child free wedding and being that I was the bride I don't see any reason why it would be so hard to just give me that 1 simple thing I wanted... Can't get a babysitter? Sorry thats a YOU problem

But ofcourse my effing family couldn't give me that ONE FRIGGIN THING I wanted...

I have a VERY strained relationship with my mom's family... I adore my grandmother and I'm REALLY close to her but anything past her is very difficult...

My aunt brought her 2 kids and both of them are monsters... the one was 16 at the time and just a bitch she's so into herself its sick She had the nerve to request the song "Just a Dream" by Carrie Underwood (I just loaded the song into the next blog if you don't know it)

Her other kid, was 10 at the time and threw a fit in my reception... and instead of taking the kid out, they just let her scream WTF?!

It was NOT a child friendly reception and I don't understand why people think its ok to bring their kids to places they are clearly not wanted... I was very careful to address the invite to "Mr and Mrs" not "The ____ Family" or "Mr and Mrs ____ and family"

Then the next issue we had was I wanted pictures of this beautiful staircase at the reception venue (The stairs were one of the big reasons I picked the venue) but the people who were at the upstairs wedding kept walking down the stairs not caring that I was trying to take my pictures... I know it sounds whiny but they had their chance to get their pictures its like be respectful you got your photos let me have mine!

My pictures came out awful I was SO disappointed with them

Josh and I fought almost the whole day and yeah it was a nightmare...

It was the biggest waste of $25K EVER!!!

Josh and I are talking about having a do over wedding... just us... far far away from here where noone can mess it up... 

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