Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I'm so sick of it!

I am so sick of people faking PTSD and trying to use it as a way to get money from the VA or as a way to get out of doing something they don't want to do (Be it the field, deployment, PCS, TDY whatever)

Faking PTSD is what gives it a bad wrap. Its what makes people think EVERYONE is faking when they're not. Its what makes people like Josh not seek help until they are at the brink of self destruction because all they have ever seen is people lying about it. Faking PTSD takes appointments away from soldiers who truly need them, it takes slots away from the men and women who truly need the help... There are times where Josh has to wait 4-6 weeks for Psych appts people people who are faking issues are taking them up!!

I am so sick of people using their wife or kids as an excuse why they can't do things they don't want to do, See above.

I don't care if your wife is depressed, you think I wasn't depressed while Josh was gone? You think I didn't cry myself to sleep? You think it didn't suck for me? You think it doesn't suck for EVERYONE?! Go to hell. Your wife is no more important then anyone else's! And I think it is horrid that the Army feeds into the bullshit if a wife wants to try to off herself because her husband is deployed they should take her kids from her and lock her in a loony bin til he gets home AT THE END OF HIS TOUR.

Oh your kid is sad? Sucks for your kid! Tell the mother to take care of it! I read an article earlier in the week about a woman who killed her child because she was "Depressed" and people were outraged and acted like it was somehow the military's fault that this woman couldn't care for her baby and acted like they should have brought her husband home or not deployed him at all UM NO she should have gone back to her parents or told someone she couldn't care for her baby and if someone knew she was abusing said child they shoulda called CPS I find it VERY hard to believe noone knew this baby was being starved to death in an on base home those walls are thin as hell and I bet dollars to donuts that child was SCREAMING 24/7!!

I know a woman who recently tried to get her husband out of going to Korea claiming their child had ADD... And my answer was SO?!

If you want to remain on active duty status why should you be paid to do a job your not doing? Why should we give you a slot that could be given to a deploy-able soldier? Why should another soldier have to carry your weight?

Josh is at a point where he knows he can't do it anymore so he's taking the MEB so that a healthy soldier can take his spot... He gets no special treatment and he is the one whos injured! I am so sick of these soldiers who just go to formation then can go home and take care of their families its insane if the mother is healthy and the child isn't actively dying why can't the mother do it?

I'm so sick of people acting like they should be treated special like their wife is special like their kids are special: NO! We're all equal get over yourself!!

As you can see I'm pretty pissed tonight and I can't seem to fall asleep which is making me even madder I have to be up in 3 hours to go to Georgetown for a post op on my ankle which is a total waste of time because I already took out my own damn stitches so all he's gonna do is say "oh look its healed nicely" and send me home grrrr

I also have therapy tomorrow which I'm not looking forward to at all I'm sick of taking about what happened and noone doing anything about it I'm sick of telling everyone how I feel and just being left to feel that way...

It must be nice to be able to destroy someone's whole life and just walk away from it with no repercussions at all I know I wish I could walk around making stuff up and suddenly every word I say becomes truth...

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