Wednesday, September 26, 2012

War of the day

So I had therapy today... And Josh and I got into a WAR like a screaming yelling war in this therapist's office...

It started out normal and then we started talking about October and a war broke out ugh

But this fight was different... as quickly as it started, it ended... Any other time we got into a fight like this we woulda been war-ing the rest of the day but as soon as therapy ended we got up, walked out, and went to dinner like nothing ever happened... it was amazing!

I can seriously get used to this! If we can get all our fighting out in that room maybe things will just keep getting better...

I wanna write more but I feel like utter crap ugh :( I had to get 3 vaccines as part of the infertility stuff so my arms hurt and I have a fever and a head ache :( Off to bed (I hope I can sleep tonight)

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