Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Random 2012 :D

I'm starting to get very excited for our random 2012 trip...

Every year of our marriage Josh and I go on a "random" trip...We just get in the car and drive!

2008- SeaTac Washington
2009- Burnie, TX
2010- Redding, Cali
2011- Fargo, North Dakota

We've been talking about our random 2012 for a while and don't like that it has been pushed off to the end of the year but oh well atleast its getting done :D

We're going the first weekend of October and I think we're gonna drive South-West we've done all of the north and all of the south already and we did North-west while driving from WA here so yeah I think we're gonna go South West but who knows :D


I'll add pictures to this as the trip gets going :D

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