Friday, September 21, 2012

Me outside PTSD

Lately in therapy I've been working to find who I am outside of the wife of a wounded soldier... My therapist said Josh's illness has over taken both of our lives and honestly, it has! So I'm gonna make this blog all about *ME* and who I am... and I'm gonna use a lot of pictures because I think that would be more fun haha!

I believe in magic

Peter Pan and Sleeping Beauty are my fave Disney Movies

I'm a certified Red Cross Lifeguard

I love to read :D 

 Born and Raised Jersey Girl <3

I'm a Scorpio and I totally believe in it

I love to swim and was competitive so many years

I love the Original Twilight Zone 

My Favorite Ride EVER 

I believe in Tarot cards and psychics and honestly, I consult my psychic any time I feel unbalanced 

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