Monday, September 24, 2012

Round and Round

So its 3am and I should be asleep... Should be are the key words as I'm very clearly wide awake writing this LOL

Josh was PISSED tonight... I was supposed to have 2 appointments in the morning at Bethesda, One for a 3 hour Glucose test and one for an internal ultrasound (Both related to our infertility issues) the bloodwork was at 8 and the ultrasound was at 10:20 then he has an appt there at 2pm for Physical Medicine (Non Surgical Ortho) WELL He called his SGT to let him know about the appts and the dude is all "Ok see you at formation at 5:45am" WTF?!!?!? He expected Josh to drag me to Ft Myer at friggin 5:45am (Meaning we'd have to leave our house before 5am) just so he could check Josh's name off on a clip board and release him 5 seconds later so we'd have to sit in the car from 6-8am and I wouldn't be allowed to eat or drink oh and not to mention the fact that I'm at a SUPER high risk for blood clots because of my ankle... Uh Fuck that.

When Josh finally realized this dude really expected that, he kinda lost his shit and I can't blame him! I asked him why he had to go in like what it was going to do for the SGT and he was like "NOTHING it does NOTHING this is the kinda shit they pull when they can't do anything else"

And he's right! They're hoping we get so stressed out from all the round and round bullshit that we drop the profile quit the MEB and just let them chapter him out well there in for a rude awakening: THIS FAMILY DOESN'T QUIT! WE WILL NOT GIVE IN!!!!

I can't safely sit in the car and then in the hospital that long so I changed my appointments to be on Wed after my Ortho Surgeon appt so hah fuck them I win

He's going to go into formation, do whatever the fuck they need him to do (Which no joke is just stand there and look pretty but damn he's good at that heehh) and then come home and get me at noon so we can drive back to Bethesda together and go to his appt

This is going to be a long doctor appointment filled will honestly

I have the post op for my ankle on Wed and right after that I have to go for the blood work then I have an appt with my PCM to get the Chicken Pox vaccine (Yes I'm 24 and I've never had Chicken Pox LOL) and the flu shot so I should be nice and sick by the end of the week and then I have my therapist which I'm pretty excited about

On Thursday I have an appointment with a nutritionist (Part of the infertility stuff) and Friday I have the last of my "cycle" blood draws (YAY!)

The cool thing is after tomorrow, Josh will get his P3 from Physical Medicine and the MEB can official begin which means we only have 6-9 months left in the army... WOW. This time next year there is a real possibility that we could be normal people living normal lives... or as close to normal as we can get hehe :D

For a while there I was really worried about money and how things would work once we lost what we are used to living on but I've gotten to a point where I just don't care!! We'll make it work his health is more important then money and the best thing for his health is to be as far from Ft Myer and the army as I can possibly get him!

I'm gonna turn on some how I met your mother reruns and try to fall asleep... long day tomorrow and Bethesda is not a place to go when your tired!

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