Friday, September 14, 2012

Therapy, Screws and Flights

So on Tuesday I had my first therapy appt in a while... It was an adventure to say the least... I had Josh sit in with me... I know I need to talk about him and what happened but I don't like talking about him when he's not there :/ Its a personal thing, I know I had when he talks about me in Therapy so I don't wanna do it to him ya know?

I think I handled it all pretty well... We talked a lot about grandpa and the fact that the Anni is coming home and a LOT about what happened last Oct and how I feel about it and again that the first anni of that is coming home here soon and how I think part of the reason I'm acting so loony is that the closer we get to 1 year the harder it is to deal with...

She had me make 3 more appts, one per week... 

I had surgery yesterday on my ankle to remove the screw they put in it back in January... Was supposed to go into the OR at 11:40am, I didn't end up going in til almost 4! I remember a lot more this time then last time I remember them putting the stuff into my IV and giggling at how awesome it felt and the next thing I knew I was awake in recovery Pretty badass if you ask me :D I highly recommend Georgetown University Hospital to anyone who needs anything done they were as always fantastic :D

I'm now home, Stoned off my ass laying in bed :D Life is good :D

I also got my email today to set up my flight to NYC for the Wounded Warrior Project family writing retreat (YAY!!!) Very excited to spend a weekend with other women who "Get it" and hoping to make this blog into a book of sorts while there :D

Alrighty my meds are seriously kicking in I think its time to go back to sleep for me :D Talk soon! 

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